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    All our Cartridge handbags are made from 100% leather from specially selected hides, with a soft suede interior finish. If cared for properly, they will last you a lifetime.

    To keep your leather handbag in its best condition, we recommend the following guidelines:


    • Be careful not to over-fill your bag, as this can cause it to loose shape and weaken the buckles.
    • Please be careful of pigment transfer from dark coloured clothing, and also from the dyes in the leather. We cannot accept responsibility if this should occur.


    • Fresh stains e.g. liquid & food, should be cleaned up immediately with a damp cloth or leather cleaner. Some stains, such as oil, grease and ink are nearly impossible to remove.
    • When cleaning any stains, try dampening a soft cloth with mild hand soap and warm water and wiping the surface. Do not scrub it.
    • Before using any products, always test a non-visible area first such as the base of the bag
    • Always apply product to a cloth rather than directly onto the leather.
    • Should your bag get very wet, blot with a paper towel, and then pack loosely with paper and allow it to dry naturally. It is advised to allow the bag to completely dry before using again, so as not to damaged the leather.
    • The suede interior is more difficult to clean and it also stains easily. So it is best not to let biros, water and make up loose in your bag.


    • When your bag is not being used, stuff it with bubble wrap, as it doesn’t attract the moths like tissue paper and newspaper can transfer ink, and store it in the dust bag supplied. For longer term storage undo strap buckles so that impressions are not created.
    • You should not place your bag in direct heat or sunlight for long periods of time, as it can cause the leather to fade unevenly, or crack.


    • Although leather can withstand some rain, it isn’t 100% waterproof, and therefore if it is pouring with rain, please take care to protect your bag.


    TIP: If your bag gets severly damaged, scratched or needs restoring in any way, we recommend THE HANDBAG SPA who are a highly skilled team of experts, with the techniques & processes capable of producing miracles to injured handbags.